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Western Archives.

AAA Certified - National Association For Information Destruction.

Are you ready? We think you are!

All-in or hybrid solutions to propel your business.

Whether you are familiar with electronic document storage or not, we have a solution that will fit you needs. We know that not every business can afford to purchase expensive Electronic Document Management software solutions, so we have built a solution that allows any size business to enjoy the benefits of going digital, without breaking the bank!

We offer our clients full electronic options that include:

  • Electronic repository
  • Retention policy modules
  • Workflow automation
  • E-forms

Western Archives also has the unique ability to offer a Hybrid solution to our clients. These options often suit small and medium businesses that might view full paperless options as cost-prohibitive.

What's a hybrid solution?

Hybrid solutions focus on digitizing individual departments or specific workflows instead of entire business units. They are advantageous for managing cost as well as managing change. We encourage anyone who is interested in this solution to contact us for more information on the solutions that we can provide to your business.

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