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document storage supplies
A new way to organize and protect:

Are you a business owner with overflowing paperwork? A history buff that wants to protect valuable and irreplaceable documents? Or are you concerned that your documents could be destroyed in a flood or fire? These are real concerns. But how do you protect your documents? What are the solutions? What kinds of products are the best fit for you? At Western Archives, we will cater our document storage supplies to best fit your unique challenges.

Want to get better organized?

Our document storage boxes can be easily stacked and labeled according to what they contain. Our boxes are:

  • Acid Free
  • Attached Lid
  • Reinforced sides and lids
  • Holds between 80-100 files per box

Western Archives provides boxes to anyone! Our boxes are usually at a lower cost than many of the "big box" retailers, so fill out a request page or contact us for more information.

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