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Western Archives.

AAA Certified - National Association For Information Destruction.

Reclaim space. Reclaim control. Reclaim sanity.

Easy as 1-2-3

Take advantage of Western Archives 1-2-3 scanning process to ensure accurate and error free collection and delivery of your records. You can relax knowing that we take chain of custody very seriously, that's why every item we handle goes through a 3 point scanning procedure. You shouldn't have to settle for anything less.

There is never enough time.

We respect that your time is valuable; therefore Western Archives can provide qualified and professional staff to come to your place of business or home and assist you in organizing, labeling, and packing your documents. If space is an issue, let us help. Western Archives can take our durable and secure boxes and store them in our fully secure and monitored storage facility.

What is important to you is important to us.

We value our customers and want to ensure that they feel comfortable knowing that we are protecting their documents. If a customer chooses to store their boxes with us at our secure and fully monitored storage facility, we will give each box a unique identifying barcode. This first step in our chain of custody allows us to track your box so that it is fully secure in transit, upon arrival to our storage site, and while it is in our custody. At any time that you wish to view your documents we can locate your box and bring it to our private and comfortable viewing room, where you can view your documents at your leisure.

Save money or save space? Why not both?

Western Archives likes to think we offer the best of both worlds! By storing your records in our state of the art Record Center, utilizing high density storage of records; it allows us to provide you storage at a fraction of the cost you are paying now. Are you housing your records in a basement? Boardroom? Or backroom? Contact Western Archives and let us help you take back your space and realize what you have been missing this whole time.

Get ahead of the pack, and stay there.

Use our ActiveWeb system to help you manage your retention periods, reduce legacy records and ensure company-wide adoption of your Records Management goals. With our systems, you can manage users, access and costs all with the click of a button. Learn more here.

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