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Western Archives.

AAA Certified - National Association For Information Destruction.

Bring your past to the present

How we benefit you:

As a large or small business, personal collector, or an enthusiast of historical documents, the need to preserve as well as organize your papers can be time consuming and overwhelming. At Western Archives we can take any type of document including invoices, personnel files, maps, photographs, or books and turn them into fully searchable, legal and readily available data. As a business owner your time is valuable and so is the time of your employees. Here at Western Archives our team of dedicated Imaging Specialists will work efficiently and diligently on your documents so that your time and money can be spent on growing your business, not organizing your filing cabinet.

Your documents, our process.

The journey to better organization and instant access to your documents begins with our knowledgeable and experienced Imaging Specialists. Our Imaging Specialists will go through each and every page to ensure that any binding elements are removed, rips or tears are repaired, and the pages are clean and ready for scanning.

Your pages can be scanned in multiple settings including:

  • Black and White
  • Colour
  • Greyscale

And can be saved as any of the following format:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG

We also provide OCR formatting which allows full search capability within the image. Once scanning is complete, your documents will be put through a rigorous Quality Assurance process. Each of the three stages of QA/QC ensures that your images have the correct formatting, naming, and the image quality is 100%. Your newly created, fully searchable documents will then be delivered to you in any of the following format:

  • CD/DVD Media
  • USB
  • Or accessed through our Western Archives repository
A stress-free experience:

Our Imaging Specialists understand that your documents are important to you and that you may need to access your papers while they are in our possession. At any time during the project we are able to scan and email your documents directly to you, or have one of our courteous and experienced drivers bring your documents to you in the quickest amount of time possible. We are in the business of keeping you in business and will do whatever we can to ease the transition from paper to digital data.

It may not look like we are working

Western Archives understands that above all confidentiality and security are the main concerns when handling any client documents. The Imaging Department is the only office that has two levels of security and we maintain a strict protocol when working with client data. When any client comes for a tour or to inquire about their project, it will appear that our Imaging Specialist are not working on a project. This is how we want it to look. At no time, will your documents or any other project be left unattended on a desk, prep table, or scanner. It may not look like we are working, but we can assure you we are.

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