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Western Archives.

AAA Certified - National Association For Information Destruction.

Always have a backup plan

Stuff happens.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but disasters can happen to anyone. Flash flooding, fires, storms, etc. Are you prepared? Western Archives has options to help you know what all your data is safe and available when you need it most. Your business critical media is:

  • Transported in secure protective cases at all times
  • Handled in a professional fashion, with environmental conditions being paramount
  • Available for efficient and timely retrieval when your business needs it most

Western Archives has solutions that can apply to businesses located in rural and Urban locations. Just because you don't live in the city, doesn't mean you should not be prepared.

Can you afford to wait?

Insurance will cover the cost of any physical loss, but how do you ensure you have your data recovered quickly? With off-site data protection services, Western Archives can have your business critical backup information delivered to you faster than any other options. We work with a variety of data centers to provide options to our clients in the event of disaster, assisting them with minimizing valuable downtime and business hurdles.

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