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Western Archives.

AAA Certified - National Association For Information Destruction.

Easy Access to Fully-Searchable, Digital Data.

Transport Solutions


Clean up, organize, and keep it that way! Are your management, HR, and dispatch offices cluttered personnel files, driver abstracts, and invoices? Western Archives can take your documents and create easily accessible, fully searchable digital data that can be accessed by multiple people in your office. Not sure which documents can be destroyed? Documents such as:

  • Permits
  • Scale tickets
  • Bills of lading
  • Pick-up and drop off legers
  • Special instruction sheets
  • Inventory of articles shipped

Must be kept for a legislated amount of time. How much time? We can tell you! We can also provide you solutions on how to manage those documents and shred them when they come to term. Western Archives can set up your office to allow the flow of information between multiple work stations, keep your warehouse manager and dispatcher focused on the task at hand, not sifting through paperwork.

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