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Retail Solutions


In cities and towns, internationally and nationally, retail space on the high streets like Whyte Ave in Edmonton, Younge Street in Toronto, or the Royal Mile in Edinburgh are at a premium. Spaces are typically small and rents are high. Whether you are an independent retailer or an internationally recognized brand, the space that you rent or lease can't be cluttered with boxes containing employee records, purchase orders, billing statements, or invoices.

Furthermore, security and confidentiality of your records becomes an issue. Do you have an office that is secure that only management or co-owners can access? Are your records organized and well kept? Did you know that there are regulations for handling personal information? Western Archives can free up the space that you would rather use for your product and provide a level of security that is required when handling confidential papers. Western Archives can:

  • Digitize paper documents creating easily accessible and secure data
  • Archive and store confidential information.
  • Shred and organize papers that can be destroyed.
  • Implement a plan to destroy documents when due and help manage your records systems more effectively.

We can deliver your data on a variety of media or you can access your records through our secure, in- province Cloud. Let Western Archives give you back your sanity, time, and space so your business can grow and thrive.

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