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Ensuring Best Practices in Managing Confidential and Sensitive Material.

Non Profit Solutions

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As a manager or director of a non-profit organization, you are facing a unique set of challenges. Being reliant on government grants and donations, retaining staff who are asked to volunteer their time without any monetary return, engaging your community, and ultimately reaching your target audience, the people who need your support the most. These are challenges not faced by other organizations but are nonetheless issues that arise day to day for non-profits. As a manager or employee of a non-profit, you strive to maintain best practices for your organization, but are you ensuring best practices when it comes to the management of your confidential and sensitive material? It is a question that industries across the board have to address, including non-profits. What are the regulations and terms of destruction when it comes to:

  • Financial records
  • Tax forms
  • Client data
  • Grand applications
  • Employment records

At Western Archives, we have experienced staff at all levels of record management who can advise you on the best industry practices when it comes to confidential and sensitive material. We can help you build a records management policy, take your paper documents and turn them into easily accessible digital data that can be quickly accessed by management, staff, and board members. We can shred the papers that are no longer needed and advise you on the papers that you do need to keep. We offer affordable solutions that meet the standards of record management. Let Western Archives take the stress of dealing with your paperwork off your shoulders, so that you can do what you are mandated to do, building connections and helping your community thrive.

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