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Confidential Records Management and Shredding of Financial Documents


In the world of finance, maintaining the security and confidentiality of financial records as well as client and shareholder information is paramount. The reputation of financial centres are built on trust and the confidence in that institution to maintain the best practices for their record management. But does your financial institution maintain best practices for record management? The ability to gain access to paper records is easier than ever. Paper documents and computer hard drives that are not properly destroyed can turn up in landfills and in the possession of anyone who chooses to use them. Has an employee thrown away confidential papers instead of having them securely shredded or are you storing your records in a sea-can rather than a secure facility? Both these actions can lead to personal and financial leaks of information, which in turn destroys public trust in your institution. At Western Archives we can:

  • Assist in the implementation of a records management/Information Governance policy to determine which documents can be destroyed or archived.
  • Securely shred documents that have come to term at your location or ours.
  • Organize documents that can be archived
  • Store your documents in a secure 24/7 monitored facility.

We can also digitize your records, eliminating the time it takes to search for information and the space that your paper records are taking up. We can digitize your documents so that they are:

  • Black and white, colour, or greyscale
  • Completely searchable
  • Legal documents that can be presented in court.
  • Remotely accessed.

We have the solutions to help you limit your exposure, increase productively, and reclaim space.

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